"What Clients Are Saying..."

testimony pics 5“Alex’s approach to coaching is not just about business, but takes all of my goals in life into account in helping me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for my business. His coaching style is to constantly ask questions to help me work through the issue -- he listens and encourages me to talk through the challenges we all face but are afraid to discuss.
“I had no idea how coaching worked when I started looking for a coach, but knew I needed someone to help guide me and focus my salon. I would recommend Alex to any hairstylist or salon owners I know who wants to increase their business and help get more from life --whether you are booth rental or commission, salon suite or traditional salon.”

Kelly Twiggs, Owner of Exquisite Salon

testimony pics 6“I’ve worked with Alex for almost a year. Since working with him, I’ve learned how to clearly communicate with clients about money, be realistic about the work I do, and most important, learned how to say “no” to clients who won’t be a good fit for me. Alex is excellent for helping me maintain constant awareness of my salon development. I have better balance and boundaries after working with him, and enjoy my work much more. He is terrific! I highly recommend him.”

Although Alex has a good number of clients, he always takes the time to stay current and focused on the specifics of what is happening in my business. He not only gives me strategies for changing old habits, but challenges my thinking so that I see the value of new approaches to time and salon management, client relations and marketing. He is just as open to change as she expects me to be, and if certain strategies do not fit my circumstances or personal strengths, he works with me to develop ones that do fit. Alex stays in my corner, but never tells me only what I want to hear. He always makes the effort to accommodate my ever-changing schedule. I value his insight and personal attention.”

Justin, Vancouver Studios, Vancouver BC

testimony pics 7“I came to Alex with specific areas of my business that I wanted to improve. He listened, came up with ideas and new ways of looking at the issues, and helped me to make rapid, measurable, positive changes. Thank you Alex!”

Matt Slevin
Co-Owner, Sherious Beauty

testimony pics 1“I recommend Alex Jones as a business coach since he has been a tremendous help to my business and personal life. Alex has gently pushed me over the past 5 months to get out of my comfort zone and grow both personally and professionally. He has helped me keep calm and think positive through this rocky economy. With Alex’s background as a hairstylist and business person he brings a lot of experience and wisdom to our conversations.”

Gisela Paz