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Does this sound like you?

  • I don’t know where to start
  • I feel like I’m standing in my own way
  • I'm afraid of putting myself out there
  • I’m not sure how to build a consistent clientele
  • I don’t know how to pick the right marketing strategy
  • I’m good at what I do but I struggle on the business side
  • I need to CHARGE MY WORTH but I'm afraid of losing clients
  • I have a pretty good clientele but I'd like to work less and maintain my income

The Truth Is...

Unfortunately, simply doing more of the same stuff in your business won't get you different results or any closer to where you want to be. To achieve more clients, greater income and a better lifestyle you need proven strategies that are easy-to-implement in your salon business.


  • Being crystal clear on your salon business vision, mission, strategic goals and having a plan of action to achieve extraordinary results in your salon business
  • Knowing who your IDEAL CLIENTS and target market is and EXACTLY how to attract them to your chair
  • Having a clear understanding the root causes of your biggest challenge and having a proven plan to get results in your business immediately
  • Having more clients, greater income, and more freedom
  • Having unwavering confidence with even your most difficult clients and feel capable of anything
  • Having less stress, more joy, peace, happiness and passion for what you do and those you do it for

What Is Power Hour Salon Coaching?

Power Hour Salon Coaching is a no fluff, no b.s. business analysis and strategy coaching session designed to give you the answers you need to empower you to transform your salon suite business and achieve greater success. In our 1-on-1 coaching session, we'll work together to assess and analyze your current business challenges and create customized strategies and recommendations that best fit your personality and business to deliver the best results in the least amount of time. 

How Does Power Hour Salon Coaching Work?

Once you signup for your Power Hour Salon Session, we'll schedule a date for your Power Hour Salon Session and you'll receive a detailed business assessment questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to gain a better understanding and clarity of your current business challenges and opportunities. After I receive your completed business assessment, I will personally review your responses and perform a thorough analysis. During our session (via conference call or video), we will focus on the key areas that'll have the biggest impact and deliver the greatest results in your business. Immediately after our session, you'll receive a mp3 recording of our Power Hour and within 3 days you’ll receive my strategic recommendations report along with any other recommendations and resources helpful to your success.

Here's What You'll Receive...

  • Self Assessment

    You will complete an assessment questionnaire to provide key business information, scope and desired performance results…

  • Thorough Business Analysis

    As your Coach, I will perform a thorough SWOT business analysis, identify areas of weakness and develop a preliminary strategic plan to deliver the best results

  • Power Hour Coaching Session

    You’ll receive (1) hour coaching session for us to further assess, review and identify the appropriate strategy to achieve the best results

  • Mp3 Recording

    You”ll receive a mp3 download link to a recording of our Power Hour for your review

  • Detailed Business Report

    You’ll receive a detailed written report complete with proven recommendations and any other necessary resources to immediately improve your salon business

  • 30-Day Email Support

    If that’s not enough, you’ll receive 30-days of email support to answer questions you may have on implementation.

  • Purchase Discounts

    Finally, because you are a valuable VIP member, you’ll receive discounts on additonal services and products.

Gisela Paz

“I highly recommend Alex Jones as a business coach. He has pushed me over the past 5 months to get out of my comfort zone and grow both personally and professionally.

Gisela Paz
Kelly Twiggs

“I highly recommend Alex Jones as a business coach. He has pushed me over the past 5 months to get out of my comfort zone and grow both personally and professionally."

Kelly Twiggs, Exquisite Salon
Tanisha Howard

I have to say I’m still super excited about our coaching session yesterday. Setting clear goals and actually having a vision to look forward to is awesome! I’m so glad I took the leap of faith to trust you with my business. In fact, I saw tremendous growth in my business 27% in the last month.Thanks Alex

Tanisha Howard

What subjects or do you specialize?

  • Marketing – Both online and Offline Marketing, Website Review, Email Marketing
  • Social Media – Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Youtube
  • How to Charge Your worth and raising Your Prices
  • Understanding Finance/Money/Budgeting/Income Statement
  • Strategic and Operation Planning
  • Promotions, Selling, Rebooking and Retailing,
  • Referrals Customer Retention and Loyalty Programs
  • Sales Funnels, Service and Education Productization

Can I get more than 1 hour?

Yes! You can purchase as many hours as you like at this price and use whenever you like. If you want to use each hour at different times to address different areas of your business, you can.

Why should I invest?

Honestly, if you're happy with the results you are getting right now and don’t have a desire to explore new and potentially better ways to run your business, then you may want to pass on this opportunity.

But, if you are not getting the results you want in your business and know that you can achieve more, or if you’re doing pretty good but want the opportunity for even greater results in your business with may be less work, then investing in the Power Hour Coaching is best opportunity to get the results you want in the shortest timeframe.

Will this work for me?

To date, I've trained 304 beauty professionals all across the country, both experienced beauty pros and many who were just getting started. Without exception, they all were able to achieve results in their business that increased their clientele, make more money, work smarter with less effort and/or finally have a business that worked better for them. If they can do it, so can you!

What If It Does Not Work For Me?

I am only interested in working with people I can produce result for, help build their dream salon business and live life without limits. If I am unable to help you improve your business or if you need help in an area not within my expertise, I will simply tell you “I can’t help”. If you invest in the Power Hour Coaching, you make every effort to implement the strategies we develop together and you don’t get any results, I will gladly refund the cost of your investment. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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