How To Not Market Like JayZ and Beyonce


During the 3-hour 2014 Bet Awards Show, a “special” performance by the king and queen of music JayZ and Beyonce, was hyped up only to be shown a rehashed clip of one their concert performances. After investing 3 hours, we were tricked. Here are 3 ways to NOT market like JayZ and Beyonce. 1. Be…

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Talent Doesn’t Equal Success


I am astounded to see the amazing talent so many wonderful stylists have. But having great talent is simply not enough to be successful. If that were true there would be thousands of wealthy stylists and salon owners across the country. Unfortunately this is not the case.Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Oprah Winfrey didn’t become…

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Write The Vision

Happy Sunday everybody! Habakkuk 2:2 Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.” Take time today to reflect on the past week and use that to set goals and plan for this week. As it says, WRITE THE VISION don’t…

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SAVOR Happy Hour & Seminar

One activity that sets leaders in any industry apart from those who just kinda make it by is, Networking and Masterminding. Leaders are always studying their competition, as well as, others in different industries, to see what’s working for the consumer, latest trends, and best practices. This practice is called benchmarking. These “networking” opportunities are…

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Want Loyal Customers No Matter Your Industry? Ask a Stylist How


Successful business leaders know that inspiration and best practices can come from unexpected people and places. Some of the savviest entrepreneurs are hair stylists pulling in six figures. The Beauty Industry has an extremely high client turnover rate and financial success requires us to keep our chair filled with clients all day long. The most…

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Reduce Frizz and Get Perfect Curls at Home

unroll your curl

Are challenged when it comes to styling your hair at home? Does your hair get frizzy or your curls don’t come out right? Well, here’s how to reduce frizz and get perfect curls at home.

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Let’s Get Lifted


As this winter season creeps along, you maybe craving some warmth during these winter months. Channel your inner J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) and get lifted by adding some warm and golden highlights to your locks! This look can be a little deceiving, so let’s break it down: 1. J-Lo’s new growth was lightened with a level…

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The Best Most Affordable Marketing Tool

alex and the business card

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful stylists and  salon owners. Routinely, they overlook a very affordable and  important piece of branding material. Unfortunately, this marketing material is often not used to its greatest potential.  In the video below, I share what this valuable branding tool is and how to use it more effectively.

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