8 Keys to Being Successful in Business

keys to success

Becoming a swashbuckling business hero who earns millions, is a dream many people have. After all, who wouldn’t get excited at the thought of taking an inspired idea and single-handedly changing the world, doing what you love to do, your way. That’s the rags-to-riches story many of us have in our minds about the life…

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What Do I Have To Do To Be Successful?


Ever wonder what do I have to do to be successful? I don’t know about you, but I don’t know very many people who don’t want the rewards that comes along with being successful. Truth be told, many would kill for fame, the fortune, the congratulations and even the occasional hater comes with success. The…

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An Introduction on How to Brand Yourself


As entrepreneurs we know how important it is to be focused on building the brand names of our company. How else would people know we exist, what we offer and even where they can find us? Some entrepreneurs invest in expensive PR companies, hoping for publicity in mainstream news outlets. Others of us use what…

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Do You Have Enough Clients to Survive?

thrive in business

To be successful in business, all you have to do is…sell enough services and products to enough people at prices high enough. That’s all…Easier said than done, right? So, do you have enough clients to survive? Here are several steps you can take to not only survive but thrive in your business: 1. Set a…

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Is FEAR Running Your Business?

woman in fear

Fear. Rejection. Loss…oh my! Are you… Afraid to raise your prices? Scared to talk to strangers? Afraid to ask for referrals? NOT retailing because you don’t want to look sleazy or pushy? Afraid of losing clients & income Feeling like you’re held hostage in your own business? If so, you are NOT alone! Actually, most hairstylists and…

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How to Retire as a Hairstylist

retired couple 1

According to the Social Security Admin., the average social security check a senior receives is $1,288 a month. Provided social security IS STILL AROUND when you retire at 66, 72 or whatever the age is then, if you made what most hairstylists make, around $40k, you would receive less than $1,700/month. (Assuming ALL income was…

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Q&A Day – Here’s a question that was asked in a Facebook Group. “Please tell me there is a point where you end up making more than you spend??? Booth renters weigh in please

ocean with teaspoon

Maybe this is a question you’ve asked yourself. Unfortunately, this is a common thread/theme within many Facebook discussion groups: how to build a clientele, how to market yourself without discounting your services, how to set your prices correctly and when to raise them, how to deal with clients, how to get referrals, make more money,…

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Is The Suite Life Right For You?


As a former salon owner, the notion of leasing a salon suite just didn’t make sense to me.  Now, I’m a huge fan. After being in the beauty industry 20 years and owning 3 salons, I wanted more freedom, flexibility and time to concentrate on my salon coaching business that was doing very well. I closed…

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