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  • The biggest reasons why 80% of all hairstylists make less than $43,351 a year & how to overcome it
  • Exactly what you should do daily, weekly, and monthly to stay focused, motivated and moving towards your goals
  • My 6-Figure System for making more money IMMEDIATELY in your salon without getting chasing new clients
  • What you should be charging for your salon services and HOW to adjust your prices without losing clients
  • How to get MORE REFERRALS without feeling like you're begging
  • How to double or triple your income from retail and why your clients may actually leave if you don't
  • A complete system of proven strategies, templates and scripts for making $100K working 3 days a week or less
  • ...and much more!

What Others Have to Say...


So, I can't get past page 2...this has really got me thinking! Thanks so much for creating this book. I can already tell it's going to help me and so many others! It's so crazy to me.  I just dug deeper into chapter 1, I am hooked!!!


Hi Alex! I read your book in one night! I literally couldn't put it down. I calculated my hourly, weekly, and monthly goals based on 2 weeks vacation and 4 days/week. Those numbers now stick in my head daily and last week, I passed my goal by $250 for the week! Crazy! I love your book.


If you are a stylist, barber, cosmetology student or salon owner this is the book for you. Alex breaks it down for you on how to work smarter and not harder. You will make they type of income you want and desire if you follow his steps.


This book is a must. It's full of valuable and wonderful knowledge. Everyone needs this one. It's well worth the money!!!

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